City Pool Reconstruction Begins Soon


By Catalina Trivino

The city of Opp will soon be diving into a new construction project...

It was years ago when the city pool used to be full of people, but it's been closed for about 10 years now and a new project hopes to bring this pool back to life.

Jimmy Rogers says Opp's city pool was the place to be. He says now, this pool is just an eyesore for the city -- but it wasn't always like this.

"This pool would just be super crowded with kids and they were having birthday parties and their parents would be here. [It] had super lifeguards and it was just a good place to be... to go to the pool," Said Rogers.

Soon, those memories will come back to life for a newer generation. Opp is gearing for its city pool project, which will turn this pool into a 5-ft. deep pool, complete with a splash area for the kids

The rundown pool house will be torn down and re-built as an indoor picnic area with restrooms. The pool will also be re-dedicated to veterans.

"This was a veteran pool, Memorial Veteran Pool, in 1947 and this pool has been shut down for approximately 10 years and this has been one of our goals," Said Opp Mayor, John Bartholomew. "It's to bring this pool back to life and by doing that we are going to have to reconstruct a whole brand new pool, brand new buildings. So this is one of the events people are really excited about and we're going to raise money on this."

Bartholomew estimates the project to cost about $200,000. Construction is set to begin next week. Rogers says he's been pushing to make changes here for years and he's thankful the site will not longer be a memory.

"It's exciting to me. See, all of us kids grew up in this pool. We learned how to swim in this pool," Said Rogers.

City officials tell Alabama News Network that after the bidding process, they hope to complete construction in about six months.

If you'd like to donate to the project, just you can contact Opp City Hall at 334-493-7840.