Hotel Developers Show Interest in Downtown Montgomery


By Jessica Gertler

 Montgomery city planners say another hotel may be coming to the downtown area near the Cramton Bowl. Some residents say it's what the city needs to attract more events and businesses.

Four hotels stand tall in downtown Montgomery: the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel, the Hampton Inn and Suites, the Embassy Suites and the soon-to-be Double Tree.

But for some that selection is slim.

"you need more variety!" says Theia Tucker.

"I think they should have more options," says Quincy Leonard.

And City Development Director Chad Emerson says their wish may come true.
He says the city plans on purchasing the State House Inn on Madison Avenue, imploding it, and then selling the lot.

"We've had several hotel developers interested in the general area," he says.

The State House Inn is next door to the Cramton Bowl making what Emerson calls a prime location.

"There's a lot of interest in families and youth sports being able to stay there and walk to the Multiplex or walk to the Armory. It's a great sight," Emerson says.

But some folks like Steve Hill are hoping the city considers other options.

"I've never heard of [the downtown hotels] being over-booked, and there's not enough events going on down here that would make them want to add another hotel," Hill says.

Emerson says there is a need for one more hotel, and he's hoping to attract a family-oriented, extended-stay franchise, which is what Tucker says downtown is lacking.

"I have small children, and to take them to the Renaissance it's kind of expensive. We used to have family hotel night where we would go to a hotel, spend the night and use the pool. You don't have that here," she says.

City planners say the contract to purchase this building has been negotiated. All that's left is the signatures.

City planners say they will purchase the building for $850,000, and it could cost up to $400,000 to implode it. The money is coming from bonds.