Chief Justice Candidates Have National Name Recognition


By Ashley Thompson

Both Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Bob Vance are candidates with rich history rooted here in Alabama.

"It was never about the monument. It was never about taking the monument out. It was about the acknowledgment of God and that's exactly what the federal court said it was." Republican candidate Moore explains to CBS 8 News why he chose not to remove the Ten Commandments Monument when he last served as Chief Justice.

Often referred to as 'The Ten Commandments Judge,' Moore held the Chief Justice position 9 years ago but was removed from office after he refused a federal court order to get rid of a Ten Commandments monument that he placed in the State Judicial Building. His stance on other hot button issues has also garnered national attention.

"You either like him or you don't. He is a lightning rod, actually, and he is the most high profile person on the ballot tomorrow," says CBS 8 Political Analyst Steve Flowers.

Democratic candidate Bob Vance is well known because of his late father Robert Vance. Robert was a Federal Appeals Court Judge who was assassinated in his Mountain Brook home in the late 1980s. Vance explains to CBS 8 News what he thinks his father's legacy is.

"His legacy is someone involved. Both as a judge and before that, in the political process, who really did try to bring people together. He took seriously the cause of civil rights during a very turbulent time, 1960s-1970s, who really tried to do what was right for all Alabamians."

Regardless of his father's influence, Bob Vance Jr has paved his own way in Alabama politics.

Steve Flowers says that the race for Chief Justice is the race to watch. He says this is because more people will likely turn out to vote against one of these candidates than for the other.