Chicken Truck Overturns, Kills Hundreds Of Live Chickens


By Catalina Trivino

An 18-wheeler overturns in Montgomery County -- the truck was carrying thousands of live chickens. Hundreds of them died in the accident and it also caused traffic delays for several hours.

Alabama News Network Reporter, Catalina Trivino, described the scene as a total mess -- chickens scattered everywhere, many of them dead after the sudden impact. Cages were also thrown along the highway, and there were headaches for drivers -- but luckily no one was injured.

It happened on U.S. Highway 331 near Hyundai Boulevard. Nearly 4,000 live chickens and diesel fuel spilled along the highway. Department of Agriculture officials say about 50 percent of the chickens died because of the accident.
"I'm just distraught at the mess," Said the Koch trailer-truck driver, whose identity is being kept hidden. The driver says the accident could've cost him his life and would've thrown him out of the truck if it wasn't for his seat belt.

"I tried to maintain control. Somehow the load shifted and overturned the trailer, so thank God I was wearing my seat belt and it didn't end in tragedy. I'm okay," Said the driver, who received no injuries.

The accident also blocked traffic on Highway 331, one of the most highly driven rural roads in central and south Alabama. Later, authorities opened one lane, while they tried to pick up the mess.

Authorities say it's not often a truck filled with live chickens overturns...

"Well thank goodness there's no loss of human life or no, human life that's been injured," Said Alabama State Trooper, Sgt. Steve Jarrett. "It is unfortunate to see these chickens that are headed to the slaughter house, but I think everybody hates to see an animal suffer. That's why the humane officers are out here. They'll take care of the chickens."

The Montgomery County Humane Society says they will assist authorities in putting down the ones that are badly injured, so they don't have to suffer any longer than they need to.

It took authorities seven hours to clean up the mess and re-open the northbound lane on Highway 331. They say the last time an 18-wheeler filled with chickens overturned was over a year ago.