Chamber of Commerce, SGA to Offer Discount Card for Troy University Students


By Brittany Bivins

Troy University students will soon have a chance to shop locally and support new businesses at a discounted price. That's because the Student Government Association is unveiling a new discount card that's tailored especially for students.

The student discount cards will be open to all students at Troy University who can use them at about 25 locations around Pike County. It's the first time the university and county have partnered on a project like this, which they say helps both troy students and local vendors.

"It's a win-win situation for both students and local small businesses because we're encouraging our students to buy local. That's the over-arching mission of this project," said Will Thompson, President of the SGA.

"The first thing is to get the troy students to actually come into their business and to utilize their products and their services, but the other benefit is just to get the students used to our city and to become a part of our city," said Kathleen Sauer, President of the Pike County Chamber of Commerce.

Students will be able to buy the cards from the Student Government Association sometime in the middle of February for $5. Each business will set its own discounts, which will stay in place through the rest of the year.

"It puts our name out there because they're going to look at that card and go, oh i've never been to Glow before, let me stop in and see what they have to offer, and the customers that are more frequent shoppers, they're going to start coming in more because, hey, they have that little bit of a discount here," said Sara Porter, who works at Glow in downtown Troy.

Troy students say they think the pilot program is worth a shot. "It's going to be great, because as a student, you know, you're not rolling in the dough, so having that extra bit helps always, and we like to shop, we're still girls, so I know that will definitely help us a lot," said Elizabeth Rodgers, a Troy University student.

The Troy University SGA will have about 1,500 cards available this semester. They say they'll begin selling them as soon as they finish signing up local businesses.