Butler County Emergency Officials Prepare For Second Round Of Storms


By Amanda Wade

As round two of severe weather heads toward Butler County, emergency services are ready to act if there is more damage.

Butler County Emergency Management Agency director, Shirley Sandy, says she has been in the office for nearly 48 hours. Handling the damage from the first round of severe weather and watching radars as the second round rolls in, "Constant communication. With our county folks and with our partners, Red Cross, the public, we do whatever we can to help."

Greenville Fire Chief, Chad Phillips, says he also has his team on standby with chainsaws, trucks, and whatever might be needed for emergency rescues, "From a personnel standpoint we have not called in anybody extra at this point, but we do have our people on standby. We have everything gassed up and ready to go in anticipation of the bad weather that's on the way."

If you do have storm damage the Butler County EMA asks you to report it as soon as possible to their office by calling 334-382-7911. Your reports help get the funding to fix damage throughout the area.