Butler Co. Veterans Honored, Historic Document Displayed


By Catalina Trivino

Today is Memorial Day -- a time to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. Communities all across Alabama held special ceremonies today, including Greenville. The city's ceremony this year also showed a unique piece of history.

Butler County held its annual Memorial Day service in Greenville, where they honored the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.The message here? Home of the free... because of the brave.

"I'm proud to be an American. And I'll fly that flag as long as I've got the breath to fly it," Said Wayne Rover, who served the National Guard, NAVY and NAVY Reserve for more than a decade.

He's been in Greenville since he left the service in 1966, but the patriotism behind the American flag is what makes him feel honored to share Memorial Day with other veterans.

"Freedom is not free. Freedom has been paid for by the life of other people," Said Rover.

A memory these men don't take for granted... feeling lucky to celebrate a 10th year tribute of Memorial Day at Greenville's Confederate Park.

More than 100 Butler county residents showed their support and honor for those who who died for the nation. While all veterans were honored, this year's tribute focused on those who fought in the Revolutionary War.

The answer? On this easel.

Following the tribute, Memorial Day supporters checked out an exhibit at city hall. It showed the original signature page from "The Articles of Association" of 1774, proclamated by the First Continental Congress of Colonial America. You can see signatures of George Washington, Sam Adams, John Adams, as well as 50 others.

"Its importance is that it's a document which was in retaliation to the Intolerable Acts passed by the British government. And so these 53 individuals came together in Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and drafted this document," said historian and member of the Sons of the American Revolution, Bill Stone.

Alabama News Network spoke to several veterans who told us they look forward to this event every year. Some say when a person comes up to them to thank them for their service, it makes it all worth while.

Fourteen people were honored from Butler County who fought in the Revolutionary War. Monday's program was presented by the Greenville Lions Club.