Bullock County Residents React to Moonshine Busts


By Brittany Bivins

The Bullock County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an illegal moonshine still. It’s the third one they’ve found in the area in five weeks. Residents have different ideas on what law enforcement should do to fix the problem.

 Just mention the words “moonshine bust” in Bullock County, and you’ll get a lot of different opinions.
 “I believe there is a problem, it’s been here as long as I can remember, and my opinion is, if you’re breaking the law, you need to be caught,” said Ryan Holmes.
 “The way I feel, that if the federal government can sell it at an ABC store, you should be able to brew it in your backyard,” said Marcus Underwood.
Monday night, Bullock County firefighters battled a brush fire, and found a still near County Roads 8 and 11. “It was partial of a still. We had about 16 55 gallon drums of what we call rye, or mash, and they were in the process of cooking moonshine,” said Raymond Rodgers, Sheriff of Bullock County.
They say that could have helped start the blaze. However, it’s not the only recent moonshine bust. On October 24th, they found a still near Stills Crossroads in Bullock County, and another on November 16th.
“It has been a problem. You hear about people buying moonshine everywhere,” said Holmes.
Now some people in Bullock County say, they want to see law enforcement do more to shut down the stills.
 “It is illegal, and you just need to do the right thing so you can stay out of trouble, that’s all I’m saying,” said Kimberly Deveaux
As for the sheriff’s office, they say their position hasn’t changed. “If we can find a connection or find evidence or a person or persons that was out making moonshine, we’re gonna charge them,” said Rodgers.
Bullock County Sheriff Raymond Rodgers says he’s working with the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control to generate tips and crack down on the stills. Officials say they’ve destroyed all of the stills they’ve found. No arrests have been made in any of the recent cases.