Bail Bond Companies File Lawsuit Against Increased Fees


By Krista Littlefield

Bail bond companies in Alabama are fighting a judge to block an increased fee to bail bondsmen.
The fee is $35. While bail bondsmen say it may not sound like much, in some cases, they say it's a $35 fee for each charge, which can add up to hundreds of dollars to get someone out of jail.
Bailbond companies say this fee is unconstitutional and are suing Governor Robert Bentley for signing this fee increase law.
"Its a fee that impacts the least privedged, the poorest people in the state," said Andy Carter with 24/7 Bail Bonds.
"There's an allegation that this is going to keep people in jail and that people won't be able to make bond because of this fee," said Randy Hillman with the District Attorney's Association.  "That is totally incorrect, the bondsman has to pay the fee, it is not the defendant unless the defendant is making his own bond with his own money."
A judge has scheduled a hearing for July 24th.