Authorities Kick Off Drunk Driving Campaign


By Lisa Blackwell

If you’re planning on driving and you’re thinking of drinking you could land in jail.
A national campaign that cracks down on drunk driving kicked off today.
In 2008 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says nearly 12,000 people died in crashes involving a drunk driver.
According to NHTSA 32 percent of fatal crashes involved a driver with a blood alcohol content of more than .08.
Alabama law enforcement is joining the effort to stop impaired driving in the state.
Sgt. Steve Jarrett, Alabama Dept. of Public Safety, says, “If they could only see a fraction of what a state trooper sees on a regular basis they would always wear their seatbelt and they would never drink and drive.”
What trooper Jarrett and other law enforcement have seen is the driving force behind the Drunk Driving, Over the Limit, Under Arrest Campaign. Additional State and local law enforcement will be working overtime to catch impaired drivers on the road.
‘Impaired drivers kill people they kill anybody on the road and that could be you or any of your loved ones, so we’re going to be doing our best …to remove them from the highway,” said Jarrett.
Law enforcement will be setting up checkpoints and patrolling many state, county and city streets. They’ll be watching closely for any signs of impaired driving.
“When you’re out on routine patrol you may notice a car travelling over the center line or weaving or makes a wide turn or clips the curb as they make a turn just anything out of the norm,” said Jarrett.
Officials will be looking for seatbelt violations and checking driver’s licenses, insurance and registration. If they detect alcohol on your breath and you’re over the .08 limit they say you will go to jail.
“If you’re caught you will be arrested no questions asked,” said Jarrett.
Over the Limit, Under Arrest runs through midnight September 6.