Auburn Community Reacts To Gus Malzahn Hire


By Ashley Thompson

Gus Malzahn is now the most popular man on campus. The Auburn community is abuzz with the news of their new football coach- sparking all kinds of reaction.

Gus Malzahn arrived in Auburn to a very warm welcome. For some fans, the news of Malzahn's hiring was something to smile about.

"He's a proven coach. He did a great job at Arkansas State. I'm glad he's back at Auburn," says Auburn fan Jay Culberson

"I am just really excited about this. We watched Malzahn do great things with Auburn in the years that he was here and it will be fantastic for our community to have him back," says fan Shawna Tatarchuck.

Though some feel as if Auburn should have gone with someone else.

"I think Bobby Petrino was the guy to get and a lot of people weren't happy about him because of the whole thing with his girlfriend and the motorcycle but in my opinion, he's a football coach," says Auburn student Brian Johnson.

Others say Malzahn will have to prove himself before he's totally accepted.

"We just came off a national title 2 years ago. We just fired our head coach and we're hiring a new coach that doesn't have experience in the head coach position so I think he's definitely going to be ridiculed and watched very closely," says Auburn student Josh Poole.

But there is one person more than excited about the future of Auburn football...

"I am so proud to be your football coach and we're going to get back to winning championships," says Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn.

There appears to be some mixed feelings about the new hire but regardless, it appears that everyone is still 'All-In.'