Attorneys Discuss Separation Agreement Between School System And Supt. Barbara Thompson


By Catalina Trivino

It appears Montgomery Public Schools Superintendent, Barbara Thompson, could be on the way out. School board members say their attorney is meeting with hers to talk about a separation agreement.

We're told both attorneys have been discussing this by phone and by e-mail... And now it's left many with the same question: Will Barbara Thompson continue to lead Montgomery Public Schools?

"The attorneys, they're negotiating a separation agreement for the superintendent," Said Montgomery County School Board member, Heather Sellers.

That leaves one of Thompson's biggest supporters, Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange, looking toward the future -- possibly without  Thompson leading the schools.

"So am I disappointed? Sure I'm disappointed. It's something we need to get past, we need to educate our kids and that's why I've been so focused  in trying to get the board to hire a chief operating officer and pay them appropriately," Said Strange in a press conference.

Thompson came under scrutiny about a year ago, when allegations of grade changing came to light. Last month, State Superintendent, Tommy Bice, began an expanded state investigation into those grade changing allegations made  by some teachers in the school system. Dr. Lesa Keith is the teacher who exposed the grade changing allegations and she believes the right decision is to start with a clean slate.

"Somebody needed to take over a long time ago and there are still others that need to go.  It's not just her. There are others that carried out exactly what she wanted, and nothing has been done yet about those, so I think there's more to come. I hope there's more to come," Said Keith.