Another Democratic Party Sign Taken Down in Elmore County


By Heather VacLav

With the presidential elections only a month and a half away, the Elmore County Democratic Party is reaching out to voters with large banners and signs, but this week, another display had to be removed for breaking the law.

“We were not aware of the right away,” said Thomas Brown, Chairman of the Elmore County Democratic Party.

Brown says he now knows the party’s political sign was off the mark between a Wetumpka resident's property and the boundaries of highway 231.

After contacting Brown, the Alabama Department of Transportation removed the sign for intruding on the state highway's right-of-way.

Initially, Brown said his party felt their rights were infringed upon for having the sign removed abruptly. He got the sign back from the Dept. of Transportation and Friday planned to put it back up. However, after the state showed the correct property lines between the residency and the state highway, the party agreed to follow the law and place it on the private property.

But this isn’t the first issue or problem with the law the Elmore County Democratic Party has had with its political signs. Less than a month ago, the party had to take down another sign for being on church property at Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church; it also had to move another banner for blocking a Millbrook business.

“If you're wrong you try to correct it, and so we do have issues and there might be more coming up,” Brown said. “We do have the banners in other locations, and there might be an issue there.”

State Representative Greg Wren, R-Elmore, said he hates this series of events is happening to the Elmore Co. Democratic Party, but it’s important for all parties to follow the laws.

“We have state laws, we have federal laws that deal with advertising and tax exempt status and these things are there to protect the public also,” Wren said. “It’s one of those issues, if you don't get your way you may want to take your toys out of the sandbox and go home."

Despite the political sign problems, the Elmore County Democratic Party tells CBS-8 it will continue to post banners across the county until the November elections.