"Andy Bucks" Incentive Hopes More Will Shop Local


By Catalina Trivino

The city of Andalusia is starting a new program that gives shoppers incentives to buy locally.

They're developping the "Andy Bucks" program and city officials say they're doing it in an effort to draw more people to shop at small businesses in Andalusia.

Ten of these tickets equal a thousand bucks -- a thousand "Andy Bucks" customers could spend at locally owned retail stores in Andalusia.

While it's a reward for customers shopping locally, "Andy Bucks" coordinator, Kimberly Jacobs, says small businesses will be reaping most of the benefits.


"The businesses, they will pay in a $50 monthly fee, but they have the great possibility of having $100 to $1,000 spent at their store... and that's just pure game," Said Jacobs.

Jacobs say the city is hoping to get at least 20 businesses involved -- but the more participants, the lower the fee.

Emily Crowson owns Brooks Hardware in downtown Andalusia. She says she's all for the new incentive.

"People take day trips to the beach and if they something where it costs less, they'll get it. But if you get an incentive to just go ahead and pick it up before you leave, I think it would help. Especially with the holidays coming up," Said Crowson.

Jana McGlamory with Harold's Furniture and Flooring is a local business owner who voiced her opinion because of the city sales tax increase. She hopes the "Andy Bucks" program will be an incentive for people to stay in town to shop.



"When this first happened, everybody said, 'I'm just going to shop out of town, I'm just going to shop out of town.'" Said McGlammory, about the tax increase that went into effect July 1. "I hope that this will change their thought process on that." 

City officials say they're hoping to kick off the "Andy Bucks" program in September and have the first $1,000 drawing in October.

For more information, call the Andalusia City Hall at 222-3313.