Amy Bryan Appointed As Butler Co. School Supt.


By Catalina Trivino

Butler County has a new school superintendent. This comes two months after the previous superintendent quit.

Amy Bryan was appointed as interim superintendent of Butler County schools once superintendent, Darren Douthitt left an open seat at the school board. But now that Bryan has taken over, she says there's a lot of work that needs to be done.

The school board appointed Amy Bryan for the superintendent job. There were no other candidates. She replaces Darren Douthitt, who took a job as superintendent of Anniston City Schools in January.

Now that she's taken the position, she says her biggest focus will be starting the county's 5 year plan for school improvement.

"And we have started that with our community meetings we have had one, we have two more to go, we have an online survey ready. Some plans in place for that strategic plan... that helps me focus in on what needs to happen for our school system," Said Bryan.

Bryan is a life-long Butler County resident. She also taught in the system for 13 years. She was also an assistant principal and most recently served as the school system's federal programs director and a grant writer for the last four years -- helping the school system get nearly $2 million dollars in grants for everything from Pre-K to drop-out programs.

Geraldine Feagin, a 36-year retired teacher, says she's glad to have a homegrown superintendent.

"When you come in from outside, you don't really have that touch of the hometown but you see, being here all of her life, she knows what Butler County needs and I feel like she's going to fullfill all of it," Said Feagin.

Wayne Boswell says having a local superintendent will also help with communication, something he says has been lacking for several years.

"It's a continuous operation to communicatie with parents and stakeholders in the community and I feel ike that should've been something that was worked on and I just feel like the communication will improve," Said Boswell.

Bryan is set for a $135,000 salary a year for a contract of three years. She starts work April 1.