Alabamians Cross State Lines For A Chance At The Powerball


By Catalina Trivino

$550-million dollars are up for grabs with the Powerball lottery drawing happening tonight. And it has plenty of Alabamians buying tickets... hoping to win big.

CBS-8 visited Florida, just across the state line from Covington County to find Alabamians who are hoping they'll have the winning ticket for the Powerball Lottery.

They're crossing the state line and ending up at convenience stores, where people from all over can be seen -- including from Alabama. And they're all there for one thing...

Stores tell CBS-8 they expect even more people to come in to buy tickets the later it gets. The highest win in history is $656-million dollar prize given last March. Besides Florida, people from our area can also go to Georgia to play Powerball.




"Yeah, I would like to win the Powerball! And I've dreamed of having big money all of my life," Said Dion Lowe, who came from Troy to buy his ticket at a gas station in Crestview, Florida.

There's more than half a billion dollars at stake, setting a record as the second highest jackpot in history. And Alabamians aren't taking the chance for granted.

"I'm here for all of my friends and neighbors from Andalusia, Alabama to buy lottery tickets so one of us is going to win. And one of these is the ticket," Said Brenda Fuqua, who drove an hour away to buy 40 tickets.

Although the odds of winning are slim, it's still a chance for a very hefty payout.

"Oh, you know, if I do, I don't... put it this way: You've got to be in it to win it. Two dollars are going to get you. So what can I say?" Said Montgomery resident, Christopher Hare, who drove to an Exxon gas station in Crestview to get his chance to win.

"If I won that $550-million... first of all I would give a large proportion of it back to the community," Said Lowe.

The cash registers are ringing non-stop, especially with only hours left for the drawing. Exxon store manager, Andi Kajani, runs a convenience store 20 miles south of the Alabama-Florida border. She says at least 35 percent of her customers are from Alabama.

"There's been spurts all day long, just all of a sudden we'll have a line of people wanting to get the Powerball or scratch-offs, but it's mostly everyone who comes in that's getting something gets the Powerball," Said Kajani.



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