ASU Stadium To Open for Turkey Day Classic


By Ashley Thompson

Thursday is the big day for Alabama State University. Its brand new on-campus stadium will finally open its gates to the public.

Here at Hornet Stadium, dozens of people have been working around the clock to make sure everything is perfect for tomorrow.

It's been almost two years since ground first broke on ASU's campus for Hornet Stadium. Tomorrow, the state-of-the-art facility will host its' very first game.

"We're down to the wire. We're ready for gameday," says TCU Consulting partner Percy Thomas.

Students and fans alike are ready for game day. But before the stadium can open, there are a few minor projects that need completing.

"Just make sure all the technology pieces together and all the little punch ups...clean up. Run all the technology checks, run the score boards -doing all that kind of stuff," says Thomas.

Although crews continue to work even now there seems to be little concern of whether or not the stadium will be ready for tomorrow's matchup.

"I feel like they would not let us in here if it wasn't ready so I know that we're in really good shape," says ASU SGA President Kyle Burney.

Tomorrow's festivities begin at 9am. ASU is expecting about 35,000 people.