ASU Stadium: Construction On Time For Turkey Day Classic


By Heather VacLav

It’s a little more than two months until the Turkey Day Classic, Alabama State University's first football game played inside their new stadium. The Hornets are still playing games at the city’s Cramton Bowl, but will the ASU stadium be completed in time for kickoff against Tuskegee University on Thanksgiving? 

“It’s half and half, some think it will be ready some won’t,” said Rachel Gray, a student at ASU.
Freshman band member Darius Brooks is doubtful the stadium will be ready for him to march on November 22, but he is hopeful.
“Judging by how it looks now and how close Turkey Day Classic is getting, it doesn't seem realistic, it doesn't,” Brooks said.
But Alabama State University says it is realistic.
“We're very thankful to be on budget and on time to be playing right behind me,” said ASU spokesman, Ken Mullinax.
Mullinax says the $62 million dollar project to build the Hornet’s Stadium is right on track and so-far construction is running smoothly.
“We have some great architects and contractors who are pretty much working around the clock to make the dream and vision of the [ASU] Board of Trustees come true,” Mullinax said.
However, the Board of Trustees’ vision is hard to imagine with a live construction site, so ASU created a virtual tour for fans to see the final stadium, including the 26,000 seats and 64-foot high definition scoreboard.
“It shows you all the various contours of the construction that is going on right now, just to allow people to be able to see the construction site without having to be here,” Mullinax said while standing in between construction workers.
The ASU Stadium website,, has more than the virtual tour, it takes fans to the construction site and is also complete with a countdown until the Hornet’s Stadium opens.
For those who have yet to purchase tickets, starting Monday, September 17, fans can buy individual tickets for games at Hornet Stadium at ASU’s Dunn-Oliver Acadome Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 pm.