ASU SGA President Asks For Resignation Of Trustees Elton Dean And Marvin Wiggins


By Catalina Trivino

From Montgomery -- Alabama State University's Student Government Association wants two of the university's top board of trustee members to resign. They say their leadership has damaged the university's credibility.

SGA President, Darren Dubose, sent a letter to ASU trustees, Elton Dean and Marvin Wiggins saying their "actions are tearing away at the credibility of ASU" and are "negatively affecting students, staff and alumni."

Alabama State University's Student Government Association is stepping in after the university received three accreditation downgrades within the last several months. In a letter to board chairman, Elton Dean, and vice chairman, Marvin Wiggins, SGA President Darren Dubose asks the trustees for their immediate resignations.

"I feel, though, as if the Board of Trustees in this particular leadership that they did not handle the situation properly, so embarrassment is the correct word," Said Dubose.

This comes after a letter from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, noting sanction of conflicts of interest and financial instability. Both Wiggins and Dean were cited in them. We were unable to get a hold of Wiggins, but when we asked Dean at a county commission meeting about the SGA letter...

"Oh no I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the County Commission. I'm not talking about Alabama State. If that's what you all want we can quit and stop this now," Said Dean.

The SACS letter also puts the university on a six month warning period from the Association. Governor Robert Bentley is the only board member who can appoint and fire trustees.. He says it's too early to comment.

"We have been following it very closely obviously I've been involved with it very closely, but we have no comment on it right now and will make comments on it later," Said Gov. Bentley.

ASU President, Gwendolyn Boyd, says she's in support of her students right to speak out.

"My students are very learned I want them to know that they have they freedom to say and do whatever they want to do as students of Alabama State University," Said Boyd.

Dubose says he wants the trustees to submit their resignations in by this Friday to Governor Bentley. Unless Dean and Wiggins decide to quit, it's the governor's decision whether to take action.

SGA members tell us if Dean and Wiggins do not resign, they have a plan of action.  But they would not elaborate on what that would be.