ASU Attorney Says Releasing Audit Before Review Was Unfair


By Catalina Trivino

A 36-page preliminary audit report regarding Governor Bentley's findings on Alabama State University's finances has the school's attorney concerned, as he and board officials try to review the report.

We spoke with Alabama State University's attorney, U.W. Clemon, who says it was unfair for Governor Bentley's office to release the results of the audit before ASU could review it.

Clemon says the release of the preliminary audit was supposed to be confidential.

"By it's very words is incomplete it is tentative. The issues of the report have not interviewed all of the persons who have knowledge concerning the matters addressed by the report. They have not seen all of the documents," Said Clemon, referring to the auditing company.

Meanwhile, signs are scattered around Alabama State University and other areas across Montgomery. They read, "Save ASU, Governor Bentley is trying to destroy our school, don't believe the lies."

Some students like Student Government Association's Press Secretary, Thayvez Davenport, are wondering who put up the signs.

"No we are not aware of what group, but we can tell you it was not the Student Government Association we're going to resolve things in a political and peaceful manner as we always do," Said Davenport.

Clemon says he agrees with what the signs say.

"The Governor's release of this [report is an] incomplete document. And it gives the impression that criminal activities are taking place on campus," Said Clemon.

Some students say  the problem isn't to, "Save ASU."

"My ASU is wonderful, everything that goes on here is brilliant, but it's probably a few people on the faculty and staff and that's just the issue -- it's not the school itself, it's just the faculty and staff probably are having some problems," Said student, Eugena Thomas.

Alabama News Network tried reaching out to several former board members, some who have chosen not to comment or return our calls.