Montgomery City Councilman Files for Bankruptcy


By CBS-8 Reporter


Montgomery City Councilman David Burkette files for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and some constituents are concerned that it carries over into the money managing decisions made for the city.

Burkette says that he is not ashamed of his decision to file for bankruptcy. He says it's a an issue many successful businessmen have faced... And that it has no correlation with the job he performs on the city council.

Councilman Burkette opted not to speak with us on camera, but through a phone interview, he says that student loans and bills just got out of hand, an issue that many people are facing.

Burkette says he has been working toward a doctorate degree, and his wife a masters degree. He says that student loans totaling around $202,000, along with an ongoing dispute over a Bell South bill are contributing to those problems.