A-Day Security Following Threat On Auburn's Campus


By Amanda Wade

Many people say they were not concerned for their safety at Auburn's A-Day game, because they believe a threat earlier in the week made police even more vigilant than usual for a football game.

Police say with between 50,000 and 60,000 extra fans in Auburn for the match up at Jordan-Hare Stadium, they had full football police protocol underway, but they say that plan was in place before any threat was found at the university, "Throughout the week we've had extra officers on campus and today, we're treating this A -Day game as if it were a regular season game. So, our staffing levels and the protocols we have in place will be more typical as we would during the regular football season, so we do have more people here today. Extra staff working so we have better coverage," says Auburn Police Chief, Paul Register.
Many fans, like Auburn alumnus Randall Mummert, say they are not concerned about safety at the game because of the added police presence, "It can happen on Auburn, but people are aware of it, and looking out for it, and they've got the increased police here to protect."
Police also say they ask the public to report any suspicious activity, so they can address any issues that could pose a danger to fans or players.