40 Arrested on Drug Charges in Elmore, Tallapoosa and Macon Co.


By Jessica Gertler

CBS 8 News was the first to report that 40 people from three Alabama counties are behind bars this morning after authorities seize guns, drugs, and cash.

Authorities started their round-up this morning at 6:00, and they covered Elmore, Macon and Tallapoosa Counties targeting illegal drug sales and distribution.

"This morning ABC agents kicked off Operation Macon Waves," says Capt. Hal Taylor, with the ABC Board.

A multi-agency effort that targeted drug dealers in three counties. Authorities says undercover agents have been gathering information since June and have obtained 125 arrest warrants for 100 people.

"There are 60 other defendants that we are looking for, and they are looking for them as we speak, and we will find them," says Taylor.

At lunch time Friday, 40 people were in handcuffs. Authorities say they also seized eight firearms, a large amount of cash, more than 100 grams of marijuana, 60 grams of cocaine, 100 pills and four cars.

"This is the largest I have seen in my career in one location," says Chief Jeff Rogers with the ABC Board, which led the operation. "Today we won. Is there another battle we have to fight tomorrow? Yes there is, but today we won."

Close to 20 agencies were involved including the Tallapoosa Sheriff's Office.

"We had 29 plus warrants to serve in our county based on this operation. In addition, one of the arrests, we arrested an individual in Bullock County that had murder warrants on him," says Tallapoosa Sheriff Jimmy Abbett.

ABC agents say this in an ongoing operation, and they expect to make more arrests in the coming days.