Hundreds Mourn Covington Co. Deputy Killed On The Job

Hundreds gathered in Andalusia to pay their respects to a Covington County Sheriff's Deputy killed on the job. Read More »

Don't Drop It On Alabama

Don't Drop it on Alabama is a statewide Spring cleanup program held every April to combat litter across the state, and officials in Butler County hope it starts an anti-litter mentality in the area. Read More »

Prattville Police On Manhunt After Drive-By Shooting

CBS 8 is taking action against crime in Prattville, where a drive-by shooting has police on a manhunt for the shooters. We talk exclusively to witnesses who say they saw it all happen... Read More »

Easter Sunrise Services Attract Hundreds of Montgomery Residents

Clouds and chilly temperatures did not keep people away from Frazer United Methodist's sunrise service, and many say the early morning outdoor worship is a way to reflect on the holiday. Read More »

A-Day Security Following Threat On Auburn's Campus

Many people say they were not concerned for their safety at Auburn's A-Day game, because they believe a threat earlier in the week made police even more vigilant than usual for a football game. Read More »

Covington Co. Deputy Killed In Car Wreck

Covington County's sheriff is talking to us tonight after one of his deputies was killed in a wreck this morning. Read More »

Overnight Freezing Temps Could Mean Disaster For Chilton Co. Peach Crop

Tonight could be devastating for peach growers in Chilton County with temperatures expected to dip to near freezing, but they are getting ready so that prices and supplies are not threatened when you buy peaches this year. Read More »

Hayneville's Police Chief Reinstated Pending Certain Conditions

Hayneville's Police Chief was suspended last week for insubordination, and Monday night, the city council met to determine his fate, but did not announce their decision to the community. Read More »

Residents Living Near Catoma Creek Concerned About Flash Flood

Severe weather is making making it's way across the state -- in Montgomery, people who live in low-lying areas are closely watching the situation. Those who live near Catoma Creek say this would be the second time water has reached street level in a week. Read More »

Tax Payers Beware Of Late Fees After April 15th

April 15th is the final day to file taxes, and if you are planning on filing last minute, there are a few things you need to know. Read More »

Easton Corbin Headlines At Opp's Rattlesnake Rodeo

Opp's 54th annual Rattlesnake Rodeo is underway, and the headlining performer, Easton Corbin, is one of the biggest acts in years. We are the only station that talked to him about his trip to the city of Opportunity. Read More »

Gov. Bentley Approved Education Budget, Does Not Include Teacher Pay Raise

Governor Robert Bentley has signed the education budget -- but it does not include a two percent pay raise for Alabama teachers that he wanted. While some teachers are upset, some lawmakers say it was the right decision. But now the question is... will there be a special session to reconsider the raise? Read More »

Opp's Rattlesnake Rodeo Expecting To Bring Thousands To The City

Set up for Opp's Rattlesnake Rodeo is well underway at Chanel Lee Stadium, and organizers say it will continue throughout the night. Read More »

Family Seeks Answers After Victim Was Shot And Killed

CBS 8 is taking action against crime -- it's been two weeks since a man was shot and killed near a Montgomery park, but there are still no answers as to what happened. That has the victim's family frustrated and police asking for your help. Read More »

High Waters Begin To Flood Areas In Wetumpka And Montgomery

From Montgomery -- over-flowing rivers in our area are getting higher by the minute. The waters are now reaching land and Alabama Power officials say they're doing everything they can to keep it under control. Read More »

Worthless Checks Costing Covington Co. Businesses Thousands

Bad checks are costing businesses in Covington County thousands, and the District Attorney's Office is taking to Facebook to crack down on the crime. Read More »

Man Who Found Body In Greenville Parking Lot Speaks Out

One of the men who discovered a body inside a truck in Greenville speaks out as family and friends of a missing man in Bibb County wait for answers. Read More »

Firefighters Eyeing Alabama River's High Water Levels

The Montgomery Fire Department is tracking water levels on the Alabama River tonight. They say it could take days for water levels in some areas to go down with all the rain we've had in the past few days. Read More »

Sneak Peek at Proposed Old Cloverdale Apartments

We have a sneak peek of 48 new apartments that could be coming to Montgomery's historic Old Cloverdale neighborhood. While some people are excited about them, others are concerned, including a business owner. Read More »

Bob Howell Out at ASU, Communications Center Not Happening

Alabama State University's proposed on campus state-of-the-art center for communications students is no longer happening. Read More »

Craig's List Scheme Leaves Beach Goers Without A Place To Stay

As the weather warms up many people want to head to the beach, so they start surfing the web to find the best deals on rental properties, but beware. Some of those ads may be schemes that could burn a hole in your wallet. Read More »

Spring Break Sales Soar In Greenville

Spring Break means a week of fun in the sun for many people headed to South Alabama's beaches. That is not only good news for beach-goers, but also for local businesses. Read More »

Vandalism Problem In Prattville City Parks

CBS 8 is taking action against crime -- Prattville Police say vandalism is becoming a problem in some of its city parks and the cost is adding up. So now police need your help to find the vandals. Read More »

Luverne Business Owners Team Up To Revitalize Downtown

A group of small business owners wants to see downtown Luverne booming again, so they are taking matters into their own hands. Read More »

Amy Bryan Appointed As Butler Co. School Supt.

Butler County has a new school superintendent. This comes two months after the previous superintendent quit. Read More »

One-On-One With Gov. Robert Bentley On Tutwiler Prison

We take an interview of a Tutwiler prison inmate we aired to viewers last month straight to Governor Robert Bentley to get his reaction and to find out what changes must be made at Tutwiler. Read More »

Auburn Students React To Bruce Pearl Hiring

It's the start of a new era for men's basketball at Auburn. Former Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl has been hired. Read More »

Spring Break Drug Arrests In Covington County

Spring Break travel brings money to South Alabama, but that is not all that is coming through Covington County. Read More »

Residents Using Website to Track Crime, Law Enforcement Says Not To

Some people are using a website called to get information about where they live or where they'd like to move. Read More »

Flash-Flood Safety At Cooter's Pond In Prattville

Prattville city leaders are on high alert -- they want to make plans to ensure people are safe from floods. This comes after 12 people had to be rescued from a flash flood near Cooter's Pond. Read More »

Storms Cause Thousands Of Dollars In Damage

Storms leave behind thousands of dollars in damage to homes and businesses in Opp. Read More »

Vigil For Murder Victim Begins Community Healing

Family and friends gathered tonight to honor the memory of a murder victim. Read More »

Great Day Of Service Brightens Community

The River Region got a face lift today during the 5th annual Great Day of Service; An event that encourages everyone to get involved and work to improve their communities. Read More »

Could Alabama Basketball Coach Anthony Grant Face Same Fate As Barbee?

Auburn basketball fans are wondering who'll be their next basketball coach after Tony Barbee was fired last night moments after the Tigers lost in the SEC Tournament. Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant is also considered on the hot seat... so could he have the same fate? Read More »

Vaccine Saves Dogs From Snake Bites

As the weather warms up, snakes can become a problem for pet owners, but a simple vaccine could save your dog's life. Read More »

Friend Of Taco Bell Murder Victim Speaks Out About Her Death

From Montgomery -- two Taco Bell employees face capital murder charges after police say they robbed and killed their nightshift manager. Now, a friend of the manager speaks to us exclusively about what happened and how he is coping. Read More »

Dog Attack Victim Speaks Out

Ceara Schofield says she never imagined that the three American Bulldogs she had known for more than four years would turn on her, and she says it is a miracle that she is alive. Read More »

Montgomery Investigates Second Homicide Of 2014

Montgomery Police are investigating the city's second homicide of the year. They say a woman was found dead behind a fast-food restaurant -- and now they're searching for whoever killed her. Read More »

49th Anniversary Bridge Crossing Jubilee

It is the 49th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery Marches, and thousands walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge to honor those before them. Read More »

Burglars Leave Neighbors In Christ Warehouse With Thousands In Damages

From Montgomery -- a group that helps crime victims becomes a victim of crime. Authorities say someone burglarized the warehouse of Neighbors in Christ stealing copper and leaving thousands of dollars in damage. Read More »

Auto Industry Boosting Economy In Crenshaw Co.

The auto industry in Alabama has proved to be a financial boom to state in many ways, and that's especially true in Crenshaw County. Read More »

Family Dogs Attack Putting 18 Year Old In Hospital

Two women are hurt, one seriously, when three family dogs attacked them. Read More »

Pulled Over For Good Driving Rewards in Opp

Blue lights in your rear view mirror could be a frightening site for most drivers, but in the city of Opp, seeing those blue lights could bring you a free lunch instead of a ticket. Read More »

Expansions Lead To Crime Prevention

Greenville Police and the Butler County Sheriff's Office say they have expanded parts of their departments. There are now school resource officers in all Greenville public schools and sheriff's deputies are patrolling the streets 24 hours a day. Authorities say the expansions are cutting back on crime. Read More »

More Stores For High Point Town Center

High Point Town Center opened in 2008 with few stores to fill it, but the mayor says he believes Prattville weathered an economic storm and good things are on the way for the shopping center and the city. Read More »

Opp Rattlesnake Rodeo Preview

Opp's Rattlesnake Rodeo is less than two months away, and snake hunters say they are ahead of schedule. Read More »

Tallassee Child Killed In Dog Attack Name Identified

From Tallassee -- we now know the name of the little girl killed in a dog attack. 4-year-old, Summer Sears, was killed while playing in her grandfather's unfenced backyard. Read More »

Litter Problem On County Roads

Litter is becoming a big problem on some roadsides in Butler County. It could even hurt the real estate market. Read More »

Montgomery Couple Adopts Children In Ukraine

Ukraine has battled deadly violence and political turmoil in the last few weeks, as protesters clash with government leader over the future of the country. A Montgomery couple got caught up in the turmoil when they traveled to the country to adopt four children... a trip they never thought would be so dangerous... Read More »

Car Crash Survivors Walk Nearly A Mile For Help

A car crash leaves three people dead, two of them children, and the two survivors walked nearly a mile to get help. Read More »

Parents Speak Out About Selma City School Takeover

A State Board of Education intervention team begins work on Selma City Schools tomorrow, and parents say they are ready to see some changes. Read More »

High-Speed Chase Leads Authorities to Elmore And Tallapoosa County

A man is behind bars after a high speed chase through two counties -- a deputy who chased him is talking to us exclusively tonight saying he's lucky to be alive... Read More »

Where Do "Court Cost" Fees Go?

When you pay for civil or criminal cases in court, you'll notice a fee called "court cost." It's money used to pay for Alabama's justice system. But where all this court money is going could be the cause of delays in setting your court date. Read More »

Prom Policies Changed After Discrimination Outrages Parents And Students

Greenville High School's Prom is coming up and rules for the big night were sent out to students, but now they are causing a stir on social media. Read More »

House Fire Destroys Greenville Firefighter's Home

A Greenville firefighter finds himself on the other side of the flames as he watches his own house burn to the ground. Read More »

Chicken Truck Overturns, Kills Hundreds Of Live Chickens

An 18-wheeler overturns in Montgomery County -- the truck was carrying thousands of live chickens. Hundreds of them died in the accident and it also caused traffic delays for several hours. Read More »

Mud Riding Costs Crenshaw Co. Thousands

Mud riding might seem like just another fun past time for many people, but the damage it's causing in Crenshaw County is costly in more ways than one. Read More »

Vigil For Victims Of Hate And Violence

People gathered at the Civil Rights Memorial Center for the 16th annual vigil to honor victims of hate crimes and violence, and to speak out for those who face bullying everyday. Many at the event say they speak out against violence because of their own experiences. Read More »

Local Shopping Challenged By Online Sales On Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's day -- and once upon a time buying all those Valentine's day items meant a trip to your local store, but shopping habits have changed... Read More »

Valentine's Day Frenzy

Valentine's day is just hours away, but after Winter storms hit parts of the Southeast this week, some florists in South Alabama could feel a bit of a chill. Read More »

Could Winter Weather Create School Make-Up Day Dilemma?

The winter weather has led some schools to close -- adding to the days students have already missed because of the weather. Students may love it, but teachers and parents are concerned about the classroom time that's lost. Read More »

City Promises: Mayor John Bartholomew Talks About Plans For Opp

In 2012, John Bartholomew made a few promises to win the Mayor's seat. Promises like turning downtown Opp into a walking entertainment district, more jobs, and cutting power bills. Bartholomew says he plans to keep his promises and changes will be seen this year. Read More »

Lake Martin Boats Burglarized

Elmore County deputies are trying to solve a rash of burglaries -- not at homes or businesses, but on boats. More than a dozen boat owners at Lake Martin have found their boats ransacked with items stolen. Now, the search is on for the person who did it. Read More »

Active Meth Lab Busted

Crenshaw County deputies serving an arrest warrant find what some investigators say they had never seen before. Read More »

Tallapoosa County Prepares For Potential Winter Weather

With Northern and Central Alabama expecting Winter weather between Sunday and Tuesday, counties on the line of the winter storm are taking their own set of precautions, in case the storm shifts a bit South. Read More »

Alex Bridgman Fundraiser At Lee High School

It's been a tough week at one Montgomery high school after a student was killed earlier this week in an accident. Now, those students are trying to overcome that tragedy by doing a good deed. Read More »

Inside Julia Tutwiler Prison For Women

A CBS and ABC Montgomery Investigation -- we find out first hand what one inmate says is going on inside Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka. Our report comes after an expanded investigation on allegations of sexual abuse and harassment. Read More »

Robert E. Lee High School Students Mourn Loss Of Fellow Classmate

Students at Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery returned to school with one of their fellow classmates missing today after two boys were hit by a truck as they walked on a highway near Birmingham last night... leaving one dead and another injured. Read More »

Montgomery Public Safety Committee To Study Nightclub Safety Improvements

After recent shootings at nightclubs, the city of Montgomery's public safety committee is considering allowing off-duty police officers to provide nightclub security -- but some city leaders say that's not a good idea. Read More »

Some Residents Want Changes On Court Street

Court Street is currently a one-way, three-lane roadway coming out of downtown. But the $3.5 million dollar project to make the street have two lanes going south and one lane going north begins this summer. Read More »

Suspicious Package Found At Maxwell Air Force Base Determined As Food

Maxwell Air Force Base closes its gates for several hours after security officials find a package that tested positive for explosives. Read More »

Lessons Learned In Montgomery After Winter Storm 2014

From Montgomery -- Mayor Todd Strange is speaking out on what he learned from Winter Storm 2014. Is he satisfied that the city did everything possible to keep you safe? Read More »

Winter Storm Leaves Cold Chill For Businesses

Some business owners in Greenville are re-opening their stores as the ice and snow melt, but the winter weather leaves a chill for their wallets. Read More »

Montgomery Roads Re-Open

In Montgomery, city and county roads have now been re-opened, but public safety officials say the roads aren't totally safe for travel. Read More »

Drivers Stuck On Icy Roads In Butler Co.

Some drivers are regretting hitting the roads, as dozens of cars are getting stuck on patches of black ice and even emergency crews are having a tough time navigating the slippery roads. Read More »

South Alabama Battles Ice

South Alabama is battling ice, and it's a cause for concern for county and city officials. Read More »

Shoppers Race To Grocery Stores, Alabama Power Eyes Powerlines

Just as Montgomery prepares for the possible snow, grocery stores say they're getting hit hard, as well. Alabama Power is also gearing up for what's to come... Read More »

South Alabama Prepares For Winter Weather

Authorities across South Alabama are concerned about icy roads, losing power, and preparing to handle any emergency as winter weather rolls in, and they aren't wasting any time to get ready. Read More »

House District 31 Candidates Make Final Campaign Push

After what some called a heated debate between Mike Holmes and Jimmy Collier over campaign ads last week, the punches are still flying less 48 hours before the election. Read More »

Red Cross And Families Need Help After Rash Of Home Fires

Montgomery has had five fires in the last week that have left several families displaced without homes and now with the increase of fires, both families and the red cross need your help. Read More »

Candidates For House District 31 Debate Last Time Before Election

The two candidates in the runoff for the House District 31 seat met to debate one last time before next week's election. The seat was left vacant after Barry Mask left office early to take another job. Read More »

Searching For A New Superintendent

Homegrown, creative, and care for students. That is what parents say they are looking to see in the next Butler County Superintendent, and the president of the school board might have some of those same ideas. Read More »

Butler Co. School Superintendent Officially Resigns

Butler County School Superintendent Darren Douthitt has quit, but he left a school board meeting without officially revealing where he's going. Read More »

Montgomery DPS SouthCentral Officially Opens, Ready For Use

The Montgomery Department of Public Safety's new SouthCentral office is now open. It's a new precinct that will house the Montgomery fire and police departments. While adding the precinct is not only making history, nearby businesses hope it makes that part of the city safer. Read More »

Former Inmate Describes Life Inside Tutwiler Prison After Sexual Abuse Allegations

The U.S. Justice Department is expanding its investigation into the Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, after looking into allegations of sexual abuse and harassment during the past 18 years -- and a former prisoner tells us everything in the report... is true. Read More »

Parents Waiting On Douthitt's Decision

Butler County parents are anxiously awaiting Darren Douthitt's announcement as to whether he will accept a new superintendent position with Anniston City Schools. Read More »

Gun Rights Rally At The State Capital

Dozens of people came to the state capitol in support of the Gun Rights Across America Second Amendment Rally, and they say tighter gun laws are not the answer to violence. Read More »

Greenville Elementary Students Sing Katy Perry's "Roar"

One teacher at Greenville Elementary School is bringing music to his students... Read More »

Greenville Police Searching For Burglars Who Broke Into Restaurant

Greenville Police are on the search for a group of people who they say broke into a local restaurant. The owner says they stole hundreds of dollars. And left him with thousands of dollars in damaged property. Read More »

Montgomery City Leaders Tearing Down Eyesore Homes

In Montgomery -- the city council is demolishing vacant homes that have become eyesores. Council members say they want to clean up the city and cut down on crime. Read More »

Crenshaw County Schools Rank #1 For Graduation Rates

High school graduation rates are up for Alabama, but one county in South Alabama takes the number one spot for the entire state. Read More »

Montgomery Police Search For Armed Bank Robber

Montgomery Police say an armed robber walked through the doors at Compass Bank at the Normandale Centre shopping plaza, but how much money the he walked out with is still a mystery. Read More »

Montgomery Public School Board Elects Margaret Allen As New Superintendent

It didn't take long for the board members to make the decision, in fact it was all over with in less than 10 minutes. Margaret Allen had been Interim Superintendent and now she has the job permanently. Read More »

Nearly $27,000 Meth Lab Bust in Covington Co.

An Investigation into out of state burglary charges lead authorities in Covington County to make a major meth lab bust. Read More »

Greenville Expecting Over 200 Jobs In 2014

A company that's coming to Greenville could be hiring more people than first thought. Read More »

ASU Students Hope For Change

Alabama State University students say they are frustrated with dorm problems and financial issues, and many feel they aren't getting what they've paid for, but new administration is giving them hope. Read More »

NFL Draft Impact on College Teams

The college football off season is full of drama, with many top players deciding to leave Alabama and Auburn early to jump to the NFL. Read More »

Councilman To Propose 30-Year-Old Age Restriction To Enter Bars/Nightclubs

A Montgomery city councilman says he has the answer to solve underage drinking at bars and nightclub violence -- but some say his idea goes too far. Read More »

Equipment Malfunction Causes Construction Workers To Fall Off Bridge

From Montgomery County -- an accident at the outer loop road project site in Pike Road has killed two workers. Investigators say an equipment malfunction caused them to fall to their deaths. Read More »

Death Of Greenville Bakery Owner Leaves City Mourning

Downtown Greenville won't be the same after the death of Ozzie Judah, a man who community members say was using his big heart to bring life back to the center of the city. Read More »

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