Troy's New Mayor Ready to Start in November


By Jessica Gertler

For first time in nearly 30 years, Troy will have a new mayor.

Jason Reeves, who is currently a city councilman, says he can't wait to start the job in November, and bring a fresh vision to the city.

Reeves says it's a good feeling.

"Just grateful for the opportunity. It's a very humbling honor," says Reeves.

Come November, Reeves will be the new Mayor of Troy.

After current Mayor Jimmy Lunsford announced his retirement in June, and no one else qualified in the city municipal elections, Reeves takes over the reigns.

"I think when you have a change in leadership, it's a good opportunity to look and say hey what are we doing right, what can we improve on, and that's part of what this process will be," says Reeves.

Reeves is no stranger Troy. He's been a city councilman for the last 16 years, and is what he calls a "Fourth Generation City Official." Reeves was also born and raised in Pike County, went to Troy University, and played an important role in projects including the recreation center and the new library.

Residents say they're anxious to see what Reeves can do.

"From what I hear, Mr. Reeves will be a good one," says Troy resident Jerry Huggins.

And some hope he keeps the community in mind.

"Come and visit the community more and see how everyone is doing," says Troy resident Kris Armistad.

Reeves says jobs, education and public service are important issues to him and says he will do his part to make Troy a better place to live.

"My door will always be open," says Reeves. "I think the most important thing for a public official is that they're accessible to the community."

Reeves says from now until November, he'll be preparing, and says he wants to spend as much time as he can with wife and four children before his life gets too hectic serving the city.

At the next city council meeting on July 24, council members will ask to adopt a resolution that would make Reeves mayor elect.