Red Door Theater "Promises" A Great Show


By Sarah Cantey

 The cast of Red Door Theater's summer production is "promising" to put on a great show- with local ties. 

It's final dress rehearsals before "Promises" opens at the community theater in Union Springs. 
The play's received national recognition by the American Association of Community theaters, but it also has strong connections to neighboring Pike County. 
It is directed and written by two separate Troy University graduates. Joel Williams wrote the play that is said to be a story of deceit, murder and love. 
Kim Graham, plays Elizabeth Andrews said, "I love the Red Door Theater. We have a good time we come up here and laugh and get to know people in the community. And after the play we are like a big family."
Craig Stricklin, plays Joseph said, "Well it's very heartfelt it's a lot of real human emotion in this play. and you will be able to sense it from the characters. We've got some good acting going on in this play." 
Exec. Director Tourism Council Midge Putnam said, "We wish that you would come and support us. We hope that you come on behalf of the tourism council to support our economy here. That is one of the things we do to have the theater here is we want to support the local businesses and bring folks that don't normally come to Union Springs into town."
Performances start Thursday- Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and  Sunday at 2:30. 
Tickets are $15, and a meal is offered at 6 p.m. before the performance at the First United Methodist Church. 
For more information on tickets call (334) 738-8687.