Kits To Protect Your Kids


By Sarah Cantey

Pike County kindergartners were getting their hands dirty this week during a lesson in safety and law enforcement. 

This is the fourteenth year that Pike County sheriff's deputies go to kindergarten classes in the six schools in Troy and the county. Deputies were at Banks Elementary finger printing the kids and sending them home with a child identification kit. 
Parents can fill out medical and personal information, tape a hair sample for DNA and attach a photo. Storing the information is useful for law enforcement during times of child abductions or runaway cases. 
Sondra Dubose, a parent said, "I think it's a wonderful idea there's kids out there that are going missing and that's one piece of information that could help find my child. They always say the first 48 hours is the most crucial time to find a child and with me having three babies, I'd want somebody to find my child as soon as possible." 
Sheriff Russell Thomas says they will fingerprint about 500 kids this week and in the 14 years of doing this they have finger printed more than 7,000 children. 
The Pike County Sheriff's Office will continue to go to day cares and events throughout the year setting up the id kits. If you would like them to come to an event or your church, contact the sheriff's office at 566-4347