Jarrod Massey Released From Jail


By Lisa Blackwell

A key witness for the prosecution in the Statehouse Corruption Trial is out of jail, at least for now.

Jarrod Massey pleaded guilty last year to bribing lawmakers in return for votes on anti-gambling legiislation.

Massey’s attorney Joe Basgier Says he has significant issues he needs to deal with which he can’t do properly from jail.

Joe Basquier, Defense Attorney, says “He’s facing some difficult tax related issues that he didn’t forsee when he went into custody voluntarily, he has a number of business matters that require his personal attention and he always wants to be with his family.”

Basquier also stated that after Massey went through the first trial and heard his recorded phone calls with his family and others, he was now terrified to have jailhouse conversations on personal matters.

The playing of and that was very difficult for the family to go through they had to hear their personal private conversations played in open court and not just the conversations that were played in court but the conversations that other people had.

Prosecutors admitted Massey had not violated any conditions of the court or any obligations of his plea agreement. They argued that as a matter of policy, Massey shouldn’t be permitted to come and go. Judge Myron Thompson said he wanted to make sure there isn’t a revolving door on the jail before he granted Massey’s motion. Massey’s family said through their attorney they’re glad to have him back home.

"To be able to finally speak to their father and husband face to face rather than through a phone that’s being recorded is a blessing for this family."

Massey will not have to wear an ankle bracelet and will be free to get a job. No word on what employment he plans to pursue. .

Massey’s sentencing date was scheduled for November 15, but will be delayed until after the retrial of seven defendants.
The retrial is scheduled for January 9.

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