Montgomery Co. Sheriff's Office Kicks Off Show And Tell Camp


By Catalina Trivino

CBS 8 and ABC Montgomery are taking action against crime...

Montgomery County Sheriff's deputies are taking off their badges and putting on their sneakers -- all in the hope of impacting the lives of children in our area.

Deputies are joining more than 100 children at Camp Chandler in Wetumpka for the rest of the week. What campers are learning with these deputies goes beyond just fun and games: It's about trusting law enforcement.

There's archery, how to shoot a rifle and even rock climbing.

But for 10-year-old Kayla Moncrief, who's about to rock climb for the first time, it's more than just that...

"Have you ever been on one of these?" Asked Reporter, Catalina Trivino. In nervousness, Moncrief nodded no.

"Are you feeling a little nervous?" Asked Trivino. Moncrief nodded yes.

But Moncrief makes it after a little push from her fellow campers at Show and Tell Camp, along with her counselors, who are also deputies and staff with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

"They help our city and community and I think they could help me so when they were cheering me on I thought I could do it because if they help other people then they can help me too," Said Moncrief after achieving her first rock climb ever.

It's children like Kayla, Montgomery County Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham, says his staff is trying to impact -- teaching them they can trust law enforcement.

"It let's them know we're not the people you just see on TV that come up and handcuff and put people in jail we are people you can talk to that you can trust and were people that can solve problems if you bring those problems to us," Said Cunningham.

Problems he says these Montgomery County children could face when the new school year starts, talking to them about peer pressure, bullying and the consequences that come with them.

"Most people don't think that Sheriffs are so cool and stuff they think, 'oh they are arresting people that's not cool.' but they are really fun guys and if you do break the law then yeah, you're going to get arrested," Said 11-year-old, Cacey Williams.

Deputies hope taking off the badge will help campers open up to them. And for some, maybe even be a role model.

Ultimately, deputies say the goal with this camp is that if they can build trust with these kids, maybe they can prevent them from committing crimes when they're older.

The camp is going on all week. The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says another way they try to impact kids during the school year is through their "DARE" program, which teaches them about peer pressure and preventing bullying. They say they will be visiting schools in Montgomery County when classes start next week.