Family Searches for Answers in Two-Year-Old Double Homicide Case


By Ellis Eskew

A plea for help from the family of two men found shot to death in a Montgomery County home.
The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office says two men in their sixties were murdered, Earmon Lindsey Pickett and James Oscar Waugh.
 They lived in the waugh community and were killed in January 2011.

 "Everyday, every night... I see them..." said Earmon Pickett's sister Olivia Picket. "Ohh, then when we come to see if anything has happened if they have any leads, they always so say nothing yet."

Heartbroken and still grieving.
Two years after their brother's death, Oliva Pickett and her sister, Irene, give an account of the last time they saw their brother, Earmon Pickett and adoptive brother who lived with him, Oscar Waugh.
The two sisters were the ones who discovered their bodies at the men's home.

"We went inside and found both of them in the floor... Unresponsive." said Irene Jacobs.

According to the sheriff's office the men were shot and robbed.
But very few details have emerged in the case.

Sgt. Terrence Crawford says, "we know the victims were expecting someone. So whoever he was expecting at the time probably committed this notorious action of these individuals."

Now two and half years later, still nothing.

 "Haven't been no leads at all. We have had some calls in and we follow up on every lead that comes up. But basically looking for more leads to solve this double homicide," said Sgt. Crawford.

The sisters say their brother was friendly and always saw the good in everyone.
They can't imagine who may have taken his life.
And they have a plea for anyone with answers.

"Please come forward and tell what you know. Two years ago it was my brothers, but tomorrow it might be your brother, sister, your mother or father. So please help us," said Irene.

If you have any information in this case, call Crimestoppers at 215-STOP.