Wintzell's Construction Starting In April


By Amanda Wade

Greenville's Downtown Redevelopment Authority has accepted a bid to build Wintzell's Oyster House, which some city leaders have wanted for years.

The authority's chairman, Bill Lewis, says the building will cost nearly 1.4 million dollars and construction is set to start by the end of April. He says the contracting company, Rogers and Willard, has already built two other Wintzell's restaurants.

The plan is that the authority will own the building and Wintzell's will pay rent to cover the cost of the loan, "[The city] basically facilitated the needs to be able to borrow the money to build this business, and a vehicle, if you will, for us to have this new business in town. More employment, you know, and it helps employ people in the construction end," says the chairman.

Contractors say the construction should be completed by late September or early October depending on weather.