Working Outside While Beating the Heat


By Catalina Trivino

Phillips also says the key to beating heat-related injuries is to stay hydrated even when you're NOT thirsty; and the first indication of a heat-related injury is heat cramps. He recommends to seek medical attention if you experience signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.




CBS 8 News is covering Greenville, where temperatures are rising... and some people can't escape the heat.

SIxty-eight year old, Arthur Savage, has over 20 stops to make almost every day. And he spends those 8 hours beating the sun. As temperatures get closer to triple digits, he says landscaping can get tough... and even dangerous.

"Take more breaks if it gets too hot because you don't want to get over-heated, get sick, get yourself sick. So you take more breaks."

Brandon Crawford says he worries about the rising temperatures, since he spends 8 to 10 hours each day working in the heat.

"I hope we don't get too hot this summer where one of us gets hurt."

Greenville Fire Chief Mike Phillips says those who are getting a double-dose of the sun should work at their own pace to avoid any risks.

"You just constantly have do drink, keep yourself hydrated in order to help handle the heat that's going to help. You've got to take breaks often, seek out the shade, if it's out there you need to get in it and take those breaks to help counter-react the damages heat is causing."