Allergy Medicine Sales Spike This Spring


By Amanda Wade

Pharmacies in South Alabama are seeing a spike in allergy medication sales as many allergy sufferers search for products to relieve their symptoms.

Managers at Walgreens in Greenville say they are restocking allergy medication aisles daily. They are seeing mostly kids and older adults needing over the counter remedies for spring time allergies. Pharmacists say this spike in customers is earlier than last year's.

As for advice, they recommend taking an allergy medicine ahead of time to keep symptoms at bay, but for allergy sufferers who are not finding relief in medication they have a few different solutions, "You could try to stay indoors, especially if it's something you're allergic to outside. A lot of people actually use humidifiers and stuff in their homes, avoiding using the ceiling fans, and also if you've been outside and been exposed to pollen it can be on your clothes and you need to change clothes as quickly as possible," says pharmacist, Shae Foster.

Along with over the counter medicines, pharmacists also say they are seeing a spike in the number of prescriptions being filled for allergies.