South Korean Ferry Disaster


By Alabama News Network

Bad weather is hampering the search for survivors in the South Korean ferry disaster.

At least 18 people were killed when the 5-story ship capsized and sank 12 miles off shore.

More than 280 others are still missing.

Rough seas and poor visibility underwater are keeping rescue crews from getting inside the sunken ferry off South Korea to look for survivors.

Workers banged on part of the hull that remains above water, desperately hoping to make contact with anyone alive in the ship.

Hundreds of people are still missing, many are teenagers who were on a school trip when the ferry capsized and sank.

Divers are planning to pump oxygen into the 480 foot ship to help any possible survivors. Three giant cranes are expected to arrive at the scene tomorrow in an attempt to raise the ship.

The ship's captain hid his face under a hooded sweatshirt as he apologized saying he's very sorry, and deeply ashamed. Some survivors say he was the first to leave the ship after it capsized.

An announcement ordering passengers to stay in place after the ship capsized can be heard on a survivor's cellphone video. Some say those instructions may have cost people their lives.

Grieving family members collapsed in tears after identifying their lost loved ones at a morgue.

Helicopters from a U.S. Navy ship have joined the search.

Alphonso Van Marsh, CBS News.>

Investigators say several family members received bogus text messages claiming to be from survivors after the ferry sank.

They're trying to track down whoever sent those fake texts.

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