Some Say that Two Buildings Downtown have Become Eyesores


By Alabama News Network

In news from Montgomery....Some say that two buildings downtown have become eyesores.

City officials want something done about them before next year's civil right's anniversaries.

Residents are complaining about the former Grove Court Apartments and the old Windsor building. 

Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange says dealing with those properties would be a lengthy and expensive process...

We asked him if the city would buy the buildings to revitalize them or tear them down, as has happened on Dexter Avenue.

Strange says that's not likely.

Todd Strange:

<: We did not use city funds to buy any of those buildings on Dexter. It came from an economic development grant from the state of 6 million dollars.>

The apartments would cost over half a million dollars to tear down because they are constructued of concrete. The mayor didn't know how much demolishing the other building might cost.

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