Many Students Finding Summer Jobs.


By Alabama News Network

Unemployment in Alabama is up more than half a percent from this time last year... but that's not stopping many students from finding summer jobs.

Two college students tell us this is the first year they are working through the summer... and one of them found a job on the first day he started looking.

Unemployment in Montgomery is at 6 point 4 percent...up from the 5.8 percent just last April.

But for Downtown Montgomery businesses... biscuits baseball games and activities at the performing arts center are bringing in record breaking sales...

<Definitely going to have to need a lot of help. We're getting busier and busier everyday, so we're definitely accepting as much as we can. 

We probably have more on staff this Summer than last Summer.>

And if you're having trouble finding summer work... managers say the most important thing to do is dress professionally when filling out an application... and have a positive attitude. 


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