Autauga County Sheriff's Office has a New Boat


By Alabama News Network

Topping our news at noon...the Autauga County Sheriff's office has a new tool to take on the water.

Sheriff Herbie Johnson unveiled a brand new boat, fully equipped with sonar. The boat was funded by an almost 40 thousand dollar grant from the departmet of homeland security. This is the first boat that autauga county officials have had in about 20 years. They applied for the grant after a drowning in Autaugaville last December.

(Joe Sedinger)                                                                                                                                                       <we spent 14 days in Autaugaville in the gravel pit down there. We had equipment from all around come up there. Homeland security sent equipment, sent divers, rescue squad, fire department. We just felt like if we had a boat we could have helped out more.>

The Sheriff's office plans to start using the boat on July 4th.

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