A Montgomery Judge has Overturned the Alabama Accountability Act


By Alabama News Network

A Montgomery judge has overturned the Alabama Accountability Act, saying parts of the act are unconstitutional. But with a new school year beginning in just months, how will this ruling affect students who had planned to take advantage of the tax credits or scholarship money? The Alabama Accountability Act gives tax credits to parents moving their children from failing schools into private or non failing schools but now that's on hold. Father Manuel Williams directs Resurrection Catholic School in Montgomery, a school that's accepted new students under the Alabama Accountability Act. 

He says there's a level of uncertainty now that the Act has been overturned.
(FR. Manuel Williams)
<: As we prepare for the 2014, 2015 academic year, we already have about 40 new applications. >
 We contacted The State Department of Education about the ruling. They say they are still reviewing it. 

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