Elderly Woman Sews Quilts For Family of 15 Who Are Homeless After Fire


By Jessica Gertler

Last night CBS 8 News showed you a story about a single mother and her 14 children who are homeless after a fire destroyed everything. Today, folks are reaching out to help the family including an 85-year-old woman who watched the story and said it touched her heart.

Edna Crumpton says because of her health problems, there's not much she can do except quilt. And after watching our story, she's decided to sew and donate several of her quilts to the Brown family.

You can say Ms. Crumpton is an expert when it comes to quilting.

"I enjoy doing it. I sit here and sew day in and day out," she says.

She quilts for those in her church and those who are sick, but never for a family of 15.

"Here's this lady with all these children that needs something that I have just hanging here," says Ms. Crumpton.

CBS 8 News aired a story Wednesday night about Glynnis Brown and her 14 children that lost everything in a fire.

With the help of the Red Cross, they've been living in a motel room trying to find somewhere to go, worried they'll be homeless this Christmas.

Ms. Crumpton saw the Brown's story, and wanted to help.

"When somebody's without something like losing everything, they have then they need some help form somebody," says Ms. Crumpton.

So we waited for her to finish up the quilts, helped her pack up the car, and we sat back and watched a true Christmas story happen.

"It means a lot. I'm going to cherish these blankets. Ain't nothing like a warm blanket!" says Brown.

Ms. Crumpton will tell you she sews to keep her hands busy, but with every stitch she sews love.

"I'm not in it for anything for myself, other than it pleases me to make people happy," she says.

Ms. Crumpton tells CBS 8 she hopes this inspires others to help the family out.

As for the Browns, they say others have reached out, but they're still having trouble finding somewhere to live.

Brown says tonight is the last night the Red Cross is putting her family in a motel room. Tomorrow she will have to start paying to stay there, and it's going to cost her a couple hundred dollars per night.

If you would like to help the Browns out, you can reach them at (334) 450-4973.