Tuskegee Concerned After Violent Weekend Murder


By Alabama News Network

Tuskegee is dealing with its own double murder. Two teenagers shot to death over the weekend. 

Mayor Johnny Ford says two teens were murdered after a fight broke out on Martin Luther King Highway over the weekend.

It turned into a car chase, eventually ending on Howard street with the suspects shooting the victim's car with a high power rifle, killing two and wounding a third. 

"We just feel that this is a national problem. It's not unique to tuskegee or montgomery. It's something that we as elected officials have to do something about controlling the accessibility of these dangerous dangerous weapons," said Mayor Ford.

And many are worried the violence will continue.

John McNeil has lived in Tuskegee over 80 years, and he's concerned with how serious crime is getting. 

"The violence is mostly by young people. And I come up, ever since I've been up here it's just getting worse and worse. I believe it's about drugs and stuff like that," said McNeil.

"It's just bad when you have to look over your shoulder when you do have to come into the city. I'm just waiting for it to get back safe again," said fellow Tuskegee resident Marilyn Edwards.

Mayor Ford says the murder was an isolated incident, but he's still taking steps to keep the city safe. 

"We're also beefing up our security in the city. We're not going to let this incident disrupt, for example this evening we're going to have an activity of fireworks to bring in the new year. We're going to start the new year positive."