Single Mother and Her 14 Children Are Homeless After Fire


By Jessica Gertler

A single mother and her 14 children are homeless after a fire ripped through their home last week destroying everything inside. 

Glynnis Brown and her family have been living in a hotel room since the fire last week. She's been searching for a rental home, but has had no luck, and is afraid her family may be homeless this Christmas.

"We were in there cooking about nine in the morning, and the stove caught fire," says Brown. "The smoke. The house was black. It was black."

Last week, Brown's home was full of laughter and life, but now 2627 Geneva St. has been boarded up. 

"We just got out of there. I was afraid it was going to blow, because my mom has oxygen tanks in there," says Brown.

Toys, furniture and everything inside Brown's home has been destroyed. Sitting on the sidewalk. Waiting for the garbage truck to scoop it up. 

"This is where all of our stuff is. It smells like smoke. You can still smell the smoke," says Brown while sorting through the clothes that she salvaged.

The Brown family has been living in a hotel room since the fire.  The Red Cross has been raising money for food and clothing for the family.

"This is horrible. It's tough because maybe this wasn't a situation caused by them, and unfortunately through a misfortune they have lost everything," says Director of Emergency Services Grover Henry.

And with the holidays less than three weeks away, decorations, presents and lights aren't on Brown's mind.

Her biggest fear is that her family won't have a roof over their head and a bed to wake up in Christmas morning. 

"We will make Christmas the best we can out of that, but that's going to be our Christmas present. A house," says Brown.

If you would like to help the Browns, you can call the Red Cross at (334) 260-3980.