Fans Travel Guide for BCS Championship in Miami


By Catalina Trivino

Now that the deal is sealed for Alabama to play Notre Dame January 7th, fans -- the time to make your reservations is right now. So we help break down your travel guide for you...


Coach Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide are back at the top, ranking #1 in the SEC again. It's a chance to beat Notre Dame for the national title, which means the Tide, and it's fans, will roll to Miami for a football showdown.

"We're making plans to head to Miami January 7th! Roll Tide!" Said Montgomery resident, George Davis.

It's a game that's sure to draw thousands of Alabamians nearly 700 miles south to Miami.

"You know, the longer you wait in this process, you're going to be limited in this process. You're going to be limited in the amount of choices you have, that's basically what it comes down to," Said Morris Capouya, the owner of Total Sports Travel. He's been busy in the office booking travel arrangements for thousands of customers... and he says, Alabama fans need to act fast before they lose out.

"Typically, people who book our packages during the first week after bowl announcements are made. I would say approximately 65, 70 percent of people would book within that initial seven to eight day window," Said Capouya.

And if you wait longer than a week, Tide fans may end up watching the game from the couch.

But as for what they can expect to spend...

"$500 to a $1,000 just on the air fair alone to south Florida. Hotel accommodations will be anywhere from $350, $400 a night," Said Capouya.

According to, the cheapest ticket to the game costs about $1,500 in the upper corners; on the 50-yard line, it's close to $5,000; the most expensive executive suites upwards of $220,000. There was even a group of tickets at almost one million dollars!