Republicans, Democrats Qualify For Office


By Ashley Thompson

Today was the last day for republican and democratic candidates to qualify for office.

There have been a few surprise announcements this week, with several democrats announcing plans to enter state-wide races.

"Well, it's been active today."

Friday afternoon was the deadline for candidates to qualify for office and democratic chair Nancy Worley says she's been busy all day processing paperwork for those who've come to enter races.

"I think it's always that let's wait and see who else is running," she says. "And is someone going to have more money than I have?"

Democrat Parker Griffith qualified to run for Governor. Political Analyst Steve Flowers says although it will be hard for any candidate to beat Governor Robert Bentley, he says Griffith is an attractive candidate.

"He's a very articulate, very polished gentlemen from Huntsville who's a medical doctor and he spent his own money running for office in Huntsville."

Griffith is one of two democrats running for Governor. The other is former pro baseball player Kevin Bass. Stacy Lee George and Bob Starkey are the republican candidates challenging Bentley.

Lieutenant Governor Kay Ivey is seeking re-election. Her challengers are republican Stan Cooke and democrat James Fields.

Many were surprised to hear that democratic representative Joe Hubbard announce his plans to run for Attorney General and challenge republican incumbent Luther Strange.

"The best candidate may be from here in Montgomery," says Flowers. "A young Joe Hubbard who's only 32 years old who's a one term state democrat."

Five republicans are running for state auditor; Adam Thompson, Ray Bryan, Hobbie Sealy, Dale Peterson and Jim Zeigler. Uust one democrat is running, Miranda Joseph.

Democrat Lula Albert Kaigler has qualified for secretary of state, while republicans Reese McKinney, John Merrill and Jim Perdue are also running for the position.

Locally, republican David Grimes has announced he will run for House district 77, currently held by democratic Representative John Knight.

"I feel like the district, as it's been redrawn at this time, is not going to be sufficiently represented at the state house by our incumbent," says Grimes.

But Knight, who has served in the House of representatives since 1993, says people keep electing him for a reason.

"I believe in the working citizens of this state and my record speaks to it. I can point to his record when he was in the legislature, like the sales tax on food, that's something that I have been fighting for a long time."

Republican Young Boozer will face democrat Joe Cottle in the race for state treasurer.