Rep. Joe Hubbard Running for Attorney General, Talks Electronic Bingo


By Ashley Thompson

Today Representative Joe Hubbard announced that he will run for Attorney General against Luther Strange. 



One of the Stange's priorities has been fighting electronic bingo but what are Hubbard's intentions if he were to get the job?

Representative Joe Hubbard says Attorney General Luther Strange is wasting time and money going after electronic bingo.

"All the resources that he's spending chasing these little old ladies in these bingo parlors, he could be spending trying to eradicate the very real problems."

Hubbard says the problems include violent crime, corruption and drug abuse. He thinks Strange should leave Victoryland alone.

"He can read the Alabama constitution. He can see that in Macon County, there's a constitutional amendment that specifically provides for the playing of bingo on electronic machines. If that constitutional amendment is there, what basis does he have to go in there, take our state troopers in there, to raid bingo halls?"

Strange has had several gaming casinos, including Victoryland raided and shut down. And he still would like to see others closed, like the Wind Creek casinos. He told us last year that he's hard on electronic bingo because he believes it's illegal

"VictoryLand, as the Supreme Court has said, is operating illegal machines, but we had no choice than to take the action we did," Strange said.

Former Attorney General Troy King says he believes this race could come down to gambling.

"Do the people of Alabama think that a jihad against electronic bingo in Alabama is the most important issue? Is that what they think state resources ought to be spent on?"

Though King says he doesn't believe so.

"I think people are tired of having to buy toilet paper and send it to school with their kids because we're spending the state's resources putting people out of work."