Montgomery Zoo Hopes New Ride Brings Boost in Revenue


By Jessica Gertler

A new attraction is coming to the Montgomery Zoo, and workers expect it to generate thousands of dollars. Tonight, CBS 8 News is getting the first lift.

Folks are counting down the days until the Zoofari Skylift is open. CBS 8 News takes you 30 feet in the air to give you a taste of the ride and see what all the excitement is about.

The Zoofari Skylift is a brand new attraction at the Montgomery Zoo.

The ride takes you over several exhibits, and for the first time, animals that normally tower over you look miniature.

A unique experience that Sarah McKemey is expecting will draw hundreds of people just on opening day, and several thousand in the first week.

"We think it's going to bring in revenue for the zoo and for the city," says McKemey.

McKemey says the Skylift will generate thousands of dollars, and in turn, the money can be used on future projects.

"The zoo is really growing and expanding. We do have some other things in the future that we are going to be working on," she says.

But for now, the Skylift is creating enough buzz. Even though, it won't open to the public until August 31.

"We have been watching it for the last several months be built. We are really looking forward to it," says Alan Olson, who frequently visits the zoo.

The Skylift is $4 to ride, and lasts about 15 minutes. It's open seven days a week unless there's bad weather.

Zoo officials say they are still in the planning phase, but hope to have it open during Christmas time where there's lights throughout the zoo.