Montgomery Man Arrested and Charged with Sex Abuse


By CBS 8 News

A Montgomery man has been arrested and charged with sex abuse.

Montgomery police say Andrew Bartels was arrested Friday and charged with sexual abuse of a child younger than 12. No other information has been released by police.

But Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church has released a statement -- saying Bartels is a member of its congregation.

This is the statement from the church:

"Frazer Memorial United Methodist Church was deeply saddened to be made aware this week by the Montgomery Police that a member of our congregation had been arrested on charges of child molestation. This tragedy is made even deeper by the possibility that the alleged victim or victims may have been the children of other Frazer families whom the accused person knew through the church.

Frazer is cooperating in every way we can with the authorities in their ongoing investigation. We pray that they will be successful in their mission to uncover the truth and pursue justice, even as we strive to continue our mission to share the healing love of Christ with everyone affected by this difficult situation."

Meanwhile, an attorney for Bartels tells CBS 8 News the investigation is premature and evidence is still being gathered.

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