Montgomery Fire Dept, Montgomery Police Investigate Fire


By Ashley Thompson

 The Montgomery Fire Department is investigating the cause of a structure fire that happened near Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery. And Montgomery Police have also launched a criminal investigation. 

We're on blackshear road off of airbase boulevard ...down this road are a few different buildings and sheds. One of them caught on fire earlier today but now montgomery police are involved 
The fire started a little around 12 this afternoon. This structure went up in flames, part of an equipment and storage business called Data Bank Business Services. Fred Fippial owns Tuskegee Ready Mix, a concrete business across the street. He says Blackshear Road doesn't normally see a lot of traffic.
''They have traffic going in and out but routinely there is not a lot of random cars. We just see basically business trucks and business cars.''
But dozens of Montgomery Fire and Police vehicles made their way to Blackshear Road Friday afternoon. Montgomery Fire - to handle the flames and Montgomery Police, because A 60-year-old white male was found on the ground with serious injuries, including a 2.5 inch laceration to his neck.''
''Significant injuries and we realized this may be a criminal matter as well,'' says Public Safety Director Chris Murphy.   
Detectives combed the scenes as firemen battled the flames and smoke. Murphy says a criminal investigation is now underway. 
''We believe that there possibly is a connection between the fire and the victim.   Montgomery Police along with Montgomery Fire and Rescue Arson Investigation Team are working a joint investigation.''
Fippial tells us the news of that a criminal investigation has been launched is alarming.
''It makes you worry,'' he says. ''It's a concern that something like that happens over here because were kind of back here isolated a little bit.''
The victim was conscious an alert when he was found and he has been taken to the hospital                   
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