Montgomery Fans Remember Andy Griffith


By Tamika Bickham

Some Andy Griffith fans say they've been watching his show since they were just five years old. The day of his passing is no easy day for the fans who say the star was a part of their lives long after they shut the television set off.

Andy Griffith fans all over the world are remembering him and of course that famous tune.

"It means that much more to me because I can relate to it being from a small town, small church, I was raised in," said fan Ronnie Shaw.

CBS 8 Entertainment Reporter Jimmy Carter says Andy Griffith's presence in living rooms across the country over the last five decades, no doubt, had an impact on countless lives.

"People felt a personal connection with him," said Carter.

Montgomery fan, John Garrett, was no different.

"I watched Andy Griffith everyday when I got home from school, like so many guys my age did. We grew up with Andy," said Garrett.

As Garrett thinks back to his favorite Andy moments, it brings tears to his eyes.

"He says 'Paw, Can I take an extra pair of jeans to school? You never know when you might need an extra pair of jeans.' Andy picks him up and hugs him. Niagara Falls every time I see that one too," said Garrett.

It's a show most agree has passed the test of time, and despite Griffith's passing, they say Mayberry will never die.

"He brought a calm to the world through that television show that came out," said Carter.

"I think the interest in shows like The Andy Griffith Show will be there as long as we are. It certainly will be as long as I'm alive," said Shaw.

Not only was Griffith celebrated for his acting career, but also his music career. In 1997, Griffith won a Grammy Award for his album of gospel music "I Love to Tell the Story - 25 Timeless Hymns."