Local Reaction to Alternative Forms of Execution in Alabama


By Ellis Eskew

  Governor Robert Bentley says he does not want death row inmates in Alabama to once again be sent to the electric chair.

     There is a shortage of drugs used for the lethal injections, but the governor says he wants to come up with alternative measures.

The state attorney general's office says executions have been stopped because the prison system has run out of one of the three drugs used for lethal injections.
The governor doesn't want to go back to the electric chair...also known as the  "yellow mama." State Senator Cam Ward says there would be more legal hurdles to jump over if the state switched from the lethal injections to some other form of execution.

We asked our Alabama News Network facebook fans what they think:

Katherine Birmingham says, "Do away with capital punishment."

Brian Hicks says, "Firing Squad. Fast, Simple and inexpensive."

Andy Jordan says, "Why should they have a right to a painless easy death? Their victims didn't get that right...i'm tired of criminals having more rights than their victims."

Daniel Stever says, "Guillotine in town square. Cheaper than a bullet and accident proof."

The last lethal injection was 2011.

Currently, there are about 200 inmates on death row.