Less Spark To Montgomery's July 4th Celebration


By CBS-8 Reporter

Montgomery's July 4th celebration may not bring in a big bang when it comes to attendance compared to years past.

The city's Riverfront Facilities division has banned all coolers at the event and there will now be a $10 entry fee to enjoy the festivities leading up to the fireworks show. For the past decade, the entire event was free and coolers were allowed. Drinks will now have to be purchased from vendors or at the Sand Bar that's on the Riverfront. The city recieves a percentage of all sales at Sand Bar, some residents believe that may be the reason behind the cooler ban. "As much as they charge people that go down there we should be able to bring our own or food or whatever" said Cedrick Bennette who has now decided to pass on the event.

It's now unclear if this celebration will remain Montgomery's highest attended event since folks will have to shell out more money. CBS 8 reporter Krista Littlefield asked the superintendent of Riverfront Facilities the question: why start charging now? "This is a good act and so that comes with the cost. We have secured sponsorship that helped us keep the ticket price as low as it is" said Tom Pierce, the Riverfront's superintendent. "We are doing all we can to bring citizens something to do and that's free and I think we are doing a pretty good job of that."

Blackberry Smoke will be in concert, gates will open 6:00pm July 4th. The fireworks show is still free, gates will re-open to the public for fireworks at 8:45pm.